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Our commitment to sustainability

Agricultural and processing practices have been innovated, maintaining the focus on environmental and social sustainability, until it has been transformed into a technical mill that takes advantage of 100% of the byproducts derived from coffee processing.

"Taste the best coffee, while taking care of the environment. Choose a sustainable future"

Let's take care of our planet! It is our home and it is everyone's responsibility to protect it for future generations. A simple but impactful way to contribute to this cause is by choosing products that are environmentally friendly, such as the reusable canned coffee we offer.

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Discover the authentic taste of Antigua!

Our café is a true Antique experience that will transport you to the rich history and culture of this charming colonial city.

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Coffee is our passion

In our roastery, we take care of every detail, selecting the best beans and applying traditional roasting techniques to bring a coffee with a unique aroma and flavor to your cup.  

"A unique reserve every month, for true coffee lovers."

Each cup is a sample of the hard work of Guatemalan farmers, who grow and select the beans with dedication and passion.

Este café destaca por su carácter distintivo, que sale de lo común y se atreve a mostrar su identidad única. Es una verdadera expresión de la riqueza y diversidad del café guatemalteco, que te invita a disfrutar de sabores auténticos y memorables.

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The taste of Antigua in every cup.

An exceptional coffee experience starts with only the best ingredients.

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Unique flavors

After each sip, a spicy aftertaste unfolds that lingers on your palate, inviting you to savor every moment. This coffee is truly a masterpiece of flavor, with a distinctive character that transports you to a world of delight and satisfaction.

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Where to find us

Visit us and enjoy the best coffee in the region and delicious food prepared at home by our friendly staff.

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